Spiritual /Life Coaching-

Become aware of and replace programmes running that hinder your ability to fully embrace the peace, tranquility, and power of being that are innately yours. Being happy, and feeling peaceful are always a choice. Step into the best version of You.

Energy Healing -

Channeled Life Force Energy Transmissions

Yoga -

Because moving allows life force energy to move through You. Creation is a state of flow.

Crystal Singing Bowls -

The sound and vibration of Crystal singing bowls nearly instantly reduces stress and tension and, creates a relaxed and meditative state. It is from that point where healing the mind and body can begin. Vibrational sound healing can be traced back from present day trends to many ancient civilizations including India, Africa, Europe, and the Orient.
Crystal bowl therapy helps to balance the chakra system and re-energize the auric field. Healing is thus made possible on all levels.

Psilocybin -

Ceremony is a heart centred sacred space, an opportunity for deep transformation. Connect with the wisdom and Source inside Yourself. Let go of stories, less fixing and more letting go. These ceremonies are shamanic based in small intimate groups, or experienced individually.

Kambo -

Medicine of the Amazon, profound ability to shift, ground and release, moving you towards your greatness.


Changa is the experience of meeting one's self and divine consciousness, with the purpose of discovering your truth, and what is most needed to expand in the moment of now.

BreathWork -

In its simplicity, release trauma, trapped energies, replace it with peace and gratitude. Regain energy, improve overall health, sports performance by increasing your mitochondria. Release stress, age gracefully.

Choose to shift Your reality Now.

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Serving Muskoka, Parry Sound District, North Bay, Sudbury